Lakeport Community Association

Junction of Elm Street and Union Avenue, Lakeport Square, NH

Welcome to Lakeport, NH

Photo by Bill Hemmel,

~  Welcome to Lakeport, NH!  ~

Formerly known as Meredith Bridge and Lake Village

and now part of the City of Laconia, "City on the Lakes" . . .

home of two buildings in the National Register of Historic Buildings ~

the Ossian Goss Reading Room and the United Baptist Church . . .

once the hub of rail transportation in the Lakes Region . . .

where the great Lake Winnipesaukee flows into Paugus Bay,

over the Lakeport Dam into Lake Opechee,

                   Photo by Bill Hemmel,

over the Avery Dam,

through the Winnipesaukee River,

into Lake Winnisquam,

on to the Merrimack River,

and the Atlantic Ocean . . .

now the home of the

Lakeport Community Association,

the Lakeport Freighthouse Museum

and the fine residents of Lakeport!




Contact us:

Lakeport Community Association

P. O. Box 6015

Lakeport, NH 03246

Tel. 603.524.7683


Lakeport Community Association Mission

     The Lakeport Community Association was established in 1997 (known as the Lakeport Community Action Committee) and held its first meeting on March 4, 1997.  Its mission was to "preserve, yet improve the Lakeport Community". 

     Dues set to be either non-existent or very low.

     The activities of the Lakeport Community Association are devoted to community involvement through

  • annual clean up, plantings and decorations of Torrey Park;
  • annual care of the historic chestnut tree in Torrey Park;
  • community events commemorating anniversaries such as the Great Fire of Lakeport 1903 and the 100th Anniversary of the Goss Reading Room;
  • Good Neighbor Day;
  • donations and support of the Goss Reading Room; 
  • participating activities and events for local residents including those at Lake Village;
  • holiday and seasonal decorations of Torrey Park and Lakeport Square;
  • restoration and care of Bond Beach;
  • Adopt-A-Spot;
  • ongoing collections of Lakeport and Boston & Maine Railroad  memorabilia;
  • programs of interest on local history open to the general public;
  • preservation of historic buildings ~ Goss Reading Room, Hathaway House
  • providing forums for the campaigns of local officials;
  • representing the community's interest 
  • and many other community improvements. 

     The Lakeport Community Association is devoted to the community preservation and in the rehabilitation and preservation of the Lakeport Freighthouse in Lakeport, circa 1899, the only remaining railroad building of the former hub of the Boston & Maine Railroad and others.  

     The future opening the Lakeport Freighthouse as a museum and community center to the public is being achieved through the fund-raising efforts of its members and is anticipated to open in 2009.  The museum will contain Lakeport and railroad memorabilia in hopes of educating future generations on the history of Lakeport and it will serve as a community center open to the public. 

     The Lakeport Community Association will continue to petition for the presevation of historical sites in the community and the conservation of its natural resources.

Lakeport Community Association Officers 2010

Wanda Tibbetts, President (deceased February 2, 2012)

Patricia Ryan, Vice-President

Dorothy Duffy, Secretary

Faye Nachbauer, Treasurer

Lakeport Community Association Board of Directors

Robert Fortier

Jerry Horn

Evelyn Heinz

Armand Bolduc

Mary Jane Hoey

The Lakeport Community Assoication

meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

at the Lakeport Freighthouse,

Railroad Avenue (off Elm Street), Lakeport, NH.


~ Our website, October 2007 ~    

The Lakeport Community Association established this website in October 2007.  We  hope to be able to offer you Lakeport memorabilia, railroad memorabilia, photographs, commemorative items for sale, local history and other information. Watch this site for new additions and improvements.

~ Our Wish List ~

Caboose train crossing the Lakeport Draw bridge, Sept. 2007 photo by Paul Charpentier

     Presently, we are looking forward to moving our new purchase, a boxcar now stored in Tilton, to the side track beside our new rehabilitated Lakeport Freighthouse this spring. We will restoring it and welcome labor, tools, financial support and/or advice. Please contact us.

Update:  Our boxcar is on the sidetrack by the freighthouse.  We are seeking funds to help with the restoration project budget of $3300.  This does not include in-kind labor, service and supplies with an estimated value of $7000.  LCA will get this task done in the Spring 2009.

Update:  Our boxcar is painted but needs to be stencilled.  We have the unique distinction of being the only place where one can shop in a boxcar since it is used for our many  fund-raising yard sales. Come shop and treat yourself to a little railroad history.

     We are always looking for Lakeport items of historical interest for our museum - photographs, postcards, tools, period clothing or jewelry, tools of entertainment, toys, dishes, collectibles.

     We are always looking for interested persons to join our Lakeport Community Association.  We appreciate help with fund-raising, establishing our museum, sharing tasks, updating this website, assisting with events, sharing expertise and memorabilia.  So many ways to "give back", share and meet new friends.  Join us!


Lakeport is on the map

between Laconia and The Weirs

Location of Lakeport, NH  

Lakeport is a neighborhood of Laconia, New Hampshire, in the United States. The neighborhood is centered around a power dam on the short river channel between Paugus Bay (an arm of Lake Winnipesaukee) to the north, and Opechee Bay to the south. Lakeport lies approximately 1.5 miles north of downtown Laconia.

LCA wins Civic Award for Adopt-A-Spot


City recognizes beautification achievements

LACONIA — City officials introduced the 2009 winners of the annual Adopt-A-Spot beautification program at the November 9  City Council meeting.

   The award for Best Presentation of Flowers in a Commercial Setting went to Enchanted Earth Designs (Blythe Caruso) and  Laconia Savings Bank (Nance Webster).

   The Best Presentation of Flowers in a Non-Commercial Setting went to the Friends of the South End (Lisa and Jacob Michael Bancroft and Sandy Gove and the Opechee Garden Club (Suzanne Perley and Audris Clark) for their work on a traffic island  at the intersection of South Main Street and Province Road.

  There were four winners in the Best Flower Barrels/ Planters category, including the Stafford House, the Sundial Shop

(Warren Clement), the Weirs Action Committee (Tom Pucci) and Whittemore’s Flower Shop (Karen West).

  The Residential Landscaping Ward was given to Linda Vollmerding.

  The Civic Landscaping Award was given to the Laconia Rotary Club, Garden Artisans LLC and Youth of Belknap County Restorative Justice Program for work at Rotary Riverside Park, and to the Lakeport Community Association (Wanda Tibbetts) for work around Lakeport Square. (Note: Our second year in a row.)

   Two Special Recognition Awards were handed out.  One went to Chris Haddock of CBH Landscaping for the care and maintenance of the entire Laconia Public Library grounds and for the “Welcome to Laconia” signs. And a second went to Parks and Recreation Department employees for their work on various adopted areas around the city.

In the News  ~

Letter to the Editor, Citizen, January 9, 2008

Lighting up the holiday season

The Citizen:
You noticed. Indeed you let us know. You do enjoy the Christmas lights in Lakeport Square and yes, they do get bigger and better every year.

When Henry Rogers, a well-known proprietor of the Lakeport Five & Dime died, he left a fund to continue the cost of lighting the Christmas tree in Torrey Park. The tree has been gone for some time but the Lakeport Community Association members adopted the task of decorating the old chestnut tree and the park for the holidays each year. It was hoped that the business and residential community would continue to make contributions, but the fund balance is getting low.

Bob Fortier, one of the LCA founders, has been very wise in making purchases after the season when lights and decorations are 75 percent off. We are asking the community to add a little more than compliments and to complement the Henry Rogers Fund with any amount of a donation. Checks may be made out to the Lakeport Community Association for the Henry Rogers Fund and sent to Wanda Tibbetts, 59 Elm Street, Lakeport, NH 03246. You supply the funds; LCA will continue to supply the labor.

Your support will light up the December skies in 2008 and welcome a new year in 2009 and you'll feel good that your donation was a part of it.

Thank you,

Dorothy Duffy



Published May 27, 2007 in The Citizen of Laconia
Lakeport Community Association marks 10th year

LACONIA — The Lakeport Community Association recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with nearly two dozen members enjoying lunch at the new O Steak & Seafood restaurant at the Lake Opechee Inn and Spa in Lakeport.

This setting of an old mill put to new use by a local family, the Boissoneaus, was designed to fit the theme the association has been following — improving the Lakeport community and its heritage.

Ten years ago, Wanda Tibbetts was at the forefront sharing a co-president role with Linda Perkins and today, she is still president or "Queen of Lakeport" as she has sometimes been labeled. David Perkins, Liberty Jane Tardiff and Marena Schultz were early officers. Today there are about 60 members.

And ten years later, much has been accomplished with the support of the Lakeport Community Association — the Elm Street Bridge reconstruction, the traffic flow on Union Avenue, the beautification of Torrey Park, Leavitt Park and Bond Beach, saving an old chestnut tree, orchestrating seasonal and community events, contributing support for the historic Goss Reading Room, hosting candidate forums, support of local businesses, voice of the community and much, much more.

Presently, they are making plans to co-host an Open House 100th Anniversary (April 8, 1907) of the Ossian W. Goss Reading Room on Saturday, June 2, 1-4 p.m. at the library at 188 Elm St. with the Laconia Public Library. Lady of the Lakes church gym if the weather is inclement. The church will allow parking.

Officials and the public are invited to enjoy a tour, peruse some history and artifacts arranged by Librarian Sue Laramie, hear the winning essays of three Elm Street Elementary School fourth-grade students or a poem by Claire Clark, purchase a commemorative mug, sample refreshments and enjoy the tunes of the Golden Oldies II, or wax nostalgic.

For ten years, the association has been having yard sales, raffles, calendar and other sales to raise funds to refurbish the Lakeport Freighthouse with dreams to open a museum for Lakeport memorabilia and railroad related collectibles. Inch-by-inch, they moved forward with help from the state, the city, Laconia High School students and instructors of Huot Tech, a handyman here and expert advice there.

The association suffered a loss when its treasurer and historian, Anita Fortier, died before her dream was realized. Through the consistent volunteer labor of members, the dream is a reality and plans are being made for an opening this year. Bob Fortier, Jerry Horn and Dick Heinz are adding finishing touches to the interior and looking for a boxcar or caboose for the sidetrack, which will be readied this summer.

The association meets at 7 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of each month at the Leavitt Park Community Center and welcomes guests and new memberships, donations for yard sales or the museum and/or in-kind or financial support. Call 524-5473 for information.

Article published May 28, 2007 in the Citizen of Laconia
Anniversary of Goss Reading Room celebrated

LACONIA — The Laconia Public Library is holding a centennial birthday celebration of Goss Reading Room on the corner of Elm St. and Franklin St. in Lakeport on Saturday, June 2 from 1 to 4 p.m. Situated on the location of the home of former Lakeport physician, Ossian W. Goss, the building was constructed in 1907. Dr. Goss died shortly after the great Lakeport fire of May 26, 1903, and money provided for in his will was used to build Goss Reading Room.

Do you have fond memories of this lovely little branch of the Laconia Public Library? Come and share them with Susan Laramie, librarian at Goss for 25 years, and members of the Lakeport Community Association, as well as neighbors and friends. Randy Brough, Director of the Laconia Public Library and members of the Board of Trustees will also be on hand. For more information, call Susan at 524-3808.

Article published July 9, 2006 in The Citizen of Laconia 

Lakeport Community Association looks to reuse old tracks

You don't know a person's life until you've walked in their shoes."

A phrase we have heard so often is nearing reality through the combined efforts of many interested in following tracks of the past.

The Lakeport Community Association, founded in 1997, was been raising funds to rehabilitate the 1899 Lakeport Freighthouse off Elm Street as a museum and community center. To date, they have spent nearly $25,000 on the freighthouse, the last remaining building of what was a very busy rail transport system in the Lakes Region with a hub of tracks in all directions. Most of the exterior work is completed and work continues on the interior.

Winthrop H. Buswell, a Loudon teacher, artist and descendant of a railroad family, has a strong attraction to the footprints of his family and the tracks they followed. Buswell, an active member of NH Railroad Revitalization who is promoting the expansions of commuter rail service to Manchester, Concord and beyond, happened on the Lakeport Freighthouse scene. He offered to paint it and to provide a supply of limited prints for fund-raising sales.

The Lakeport Community Association commissioned his services and recently held an unveiling reception in the Lake Opechee Inn & Spa, a new lakeshore gem that put an old mill, Scott & Williams to a new treasured use. LCA's revered 90-year-old member, Helen Pisano and Winthrop Buswell have sold raffle tickets on the large framed print of the painting while member Roland Maheu purchased the original as a gift to the LCA in memory of his beloved wife, Judy.

And the fund-raising and thousands of volunteer hours continue with another yard sale on July 22 and the new 2007 Lakeport Calendars are on sale for $6 (old ones also available for $3). Raffle tickets are still being sold for the large print of Buswell's Lakeport Freighthouse ($1 for one or $5 for six tickets) while various sized prints of are on sale ($10, $25, $70 and $100).

The LCA fundraising sign in Lakeport Square seeks donations to move the old engine up the tracks in $500 increments to the final goal of $5,000; LCA just received an anonymous donation of $1,000 moving the train two sections of tracks and adding a coal car. Donations, calendar, raffle or print sales — all may be made to the Lakeport Community Association c/o President Wanda Tibbetts, Wanda's Beauty Shop, 59 Elm Street, Lakeport, NH or call 524-5473/524-5591 or e-mail

Other communities are also restoring railroad buildings along the tracks and W. O. W. (Winnepesaukee, Opechee & Winnisquam) Trails to Rails program is working on the second phase of their three-phase Laconia project, which extends the recreational trail along the tracks from Laconia to Lakeport. Belmont and other communities are also completing their trails.

Tracks, trails along tracks and old railroad buildings are gaining reuse and new use . . . tracking the footprints of the past.


Article published July12, 2005 in The Citizen of Laconia
Lakeport Square efforts hampered

LACONIA — Keeping Lakeport Square beautiful has been anything but a walk in the park this summer.

Repeated acts of vandalism and a recent freak accident involving a woman driving her car through the square have hampered the efforts of residents working to beautify Torrey Park and the surrounding area. They are at their wit's end, and are calling on their fellow neighbors to keep an eye out for those who do not respect the square and all of the hard work that's been done there.

"We've worked since 1997 to get it fixed up and all we've had is trouble. It makes you think ... why should we do it?" said Wanda Tibbetts, the president of the Lakeport Community Association.

Tibbetts said the most recent setback at Torrey Park took place on Saturday when a group of youths pulled a large branch of its centerpiece — an estimated 100-year-old chestnut tree — to the ground.

The association has been working with the Laconia Parks and Recreation Department to maintain the tree by fertilizing it and assuring its health. Tibbetts said she got a call on Saturday that a group of teenagers was jumping and pulling on a larger lower hanging branch. She said when she got to the park the branch was on the ground.

But that incident is only one in a string of setbacks that have plagued the park this summer.

On June 30 an elderly woman drove through the park and one of its benches when she lost control of her vehicle, which ended up slamming into an apartment. The woman was uninjured, but the park was damaged with long skid marks still apparent in its lawn.

Tibbetts said officials have also been contending with repeated acts of vandalism that involve youths ripping flowers out of planters and destroying bushes. The park was recently revitalized through the help of the LCA and funding that stemmed from the upgrades to Elm Street and its bridge.

Tibbetts said things are going down hill again despite the best efforts to raise funds and keep the park looking good. "We started with 38 rhododendrons and now we are down to nine because of the kids. What we want to do is make Lakeport better, but we just can't keep it better ... it's ridiculous," said Tibbetts.

Ken Peters, the director of Open Arms Outreach, which runs the apartment building that abuts the park at 756 Union Ave., said he has been doing his best to police the area, which he assured is being vandalized by a select few youths. Peters said he had to install a new security system in his building after vandals came into his halls and punched holes in windows and walls.

Tibbetts and fellow association member Dorothy Duffy say Torrey Park is a "sitting park," as it has no playground equipment, little open space and is close to a large amount of traffic.

"This isn't a play park," said Tibbetts.

Peters agreed, but pointed out that some of the playgrounds in the areas have a bad reputation due to drug use.

He suggested that the city might want to install signs requiring children to be accompanied by adults.

Parks and Recreation Director Phil Rowley acknowledged that there are problems that must be addressed and pointed out that city officials, including City Manager Eileen Cabanel, will be meeting with business-owners and the LCA on Thursday to discuss them.

"We realize that we do have some problems in the area and we are working to remedy those," said Rowley.

Tibbetts and Duffy are calling on their fellow neighbors to keep an eye out for vandalism at the park so they might catch those who are responsible for it.

Both said they would like to see those responsible have to do some community service so they might understand the work that has been put into maintaining the area.

Geoff Cunningham Jr. can be reached at 524-3800 ext. 5931 or via e-mail at gcunningham




Photo Album

Lakeport Community Association Album
We reached our Goal!
We have our boxcar!
August 2008
Our next goal!

                                                                                 Courtesy photo
~  LCA goal to buy a railcar for our museum in 2007 ~
Evelyn Heinz, Bob Fortier, Helen Pisano, Dick Heinz, Wanda Tibbetts, Anita Landry 
(Note:  The Lakeport Freighthouse is shown in the left-side of this photo.)

Our 10th Anniversary!
                                                                           Courtesy photo
Lakeport Community Association 10th Anniversary
at O Steaks & Seafood, Lakeport, NH 2007
Glen, Ginger, Eva, Pauline, and others
                                                                                                                 Courtesy photo
LCA 10th Anniversary - O Steaks & Seafood, Lakeport, NH 2007
Jerry, Bob, Faye, Yvonne, Dorothy, Roland
O Steaks & Seafood (of Canoe Restaurant) is a fine new restaurant added to the new Lake Opechee Inn  & Spa and Conference Center in 2007.  This was the old Scott & Williams knitting factory rehabilitated and put to new use by the Boissoneau family, formerly of Lakeport.

Anita's Bench at Torrey Park, Lakeport Square, NH

Remember "Spider" at the Shore Diner?
                                                                                   Courtesy photo
Kenneth “Spider” Osgood, short order cook
at Shore Diner, Lakeport, NH 1950-52